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Your carpet is a major investment in your home from a design and functional standpoint. Even more than your furniture, your carpet makes a statement about who you are and what you value in design and style. And like any other investment, the way you take care of it may say more than anything else. You most like spent a lot of money on your carpet, so you want to keep it looking as close to the day it was installed as possible.

For carpet cleaning service in Yucaipa, CA, we do just that. We are Carpet Tech Cleaning Specialists, and we are your carpet's best friend. We offer expert service at the best prices for carpet cleaning, pet stain removal and ordinary and tough stain removal.

Residential Carpet – Are you are one of the those people who thinks that regular vacuuming is the key to keeping carpets looking like new? Well, it's simply not true. At worst, vacuuming simply redistributes dust and allergens, and at best it picks up a tiny fraction of the billions of dust particles and dust mites (tiny insects that thrive in carpet and upholstery) present in your carpet.

Experts agree that what you need is deep steam cleaning, the kind we provide at Carpet Tech Cleaning Specialists. It's the only way to truly root out and remove the dust and grime lurking in your carpet, along with killing all those dust mites that love your carpet so much. Our carpet cleaning service also removes bacteria, which can be harmful for pets, infants and people in general.

We offer expert service, and we promise to get dirt out. We have extreme attention to detail, and we back all of the work we do.

You've spent a lot of money on your carpet. At Carpet Tech Cleaning Specialists, we can keep your Yucaipa, CA carpet looking like the day it was installed.

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